Ushering in Year 2009

December 31
Five hours more and still everyone's tied up to the usual preparations for the New Year. This highly anticipated holiday in the Philippines is celebrated mainly with food, to symbolize abundance in the coming year. People are very busy now doing rounds around the kitchen to stock the table with anything that mimicks the shape of money. There's the usual 12 round fruits, each representing a month in a year and the ever-present pancit or any noodle dish to bring in luck of a longer life.
Late afternoon today when I also did my rounds in Carcar's market, I could say that the rains couldn't stop the swarm of people doing last minute shopping along the narrow alleys. Turned muddy by the unusual weather the past few days. Of course don't forget the fact that Filipinos are very fond of doing things at the last minute so every corner, anywhere you turn you'll see people buying bread, fruits and everything they need because you are not supposed to spend on the first day of the year. Superstition dictates that if you spend nothing you'll have plenty of money to spend the rest of the year.
The Filipinos penchant for grand celebrations, not only limited to the New Year celebrations, are influences from the Chinese. And before all fireworks (another great Chinese invention) are lit up later tonight let's think how we can make 2009 a better year for us.
Happy New Year all!
December 31 December 31 December 31


Revisiting Argao church

No doubt, the town of Argao has one of the best churches in Cebu. I have always wanted to see the church all over again without the Sunday church-going crowd. The weather hasn't been good the past few days as a slight drizzle early that morning made me think twice about going there. There's no begging off after all, I commited to do a wedding engagement shoot for my aunt's colleague a day earlier. I am no wedding photographer and weddings are not my specialty but sometimes you just cannot refuse those kinds of requests.

Argao Church

The present church of St. Michael the Archangel recently hugged the limelight after a priest decided to paint the main altar gold without even consulting the right people to do such. An undertaking frowned upon be heritage conservation advocates.

Argao Church Argao Church Argao Church


Cebu Heritage Advocates Night

Heritage Advocates Christmas Party 2008

For the first time, heritage advocacy groups of Cebu came in full force for a night of great food, music and simply the love for heritage. The Cathedral Museum of Cebu and the Yap-Sandiego House were the perfect venues for the casual affair. Though some came garbed in their best Filipiniana, the rest were in their most comfortable wear but nevertheless, the moonlit Sunday night turned out to be one of the most memorable for us this year as another milestone came into fruition.

A Federation of Cebu Heritage Advocates will soon be created from the groups that came last night. Taytayan, the Carcar Heritage Conservation Society, SkyScrapercity.com-Cebu, Hambin, the Cathedral Museum of Cebu, Cofradia de San Juan Bautista & the Casa Gorordo Museum will each have their representation in the said federation.

Good luck to all of us!

Heritage Advocates Christmas Party 2008 Heritage Advocates Christmas Party 2008 Heritage Advocates Christmas Party 2008 Heritage Advocates Christmas Party 2008


Happy people

I mentioned how chaotic Philippines fiestas are in my previous post. And how these kind of events become opportunities for many.

Carcar celebrates the feast of its patroness St. Catherine on November 25. Two days prior to that the Kabkaban festival and the Festival of Lights were held around the town's major streets. Both events held ahead to lure more crowd as this year's fiesta fell on a weekday which is also workday for most. I already had it in mind not to invite friends on the day of the fiesta because there's really not much to see. I also reasoned out that the traffic situation is also getting worse, a major turn-off for those coming from Cebu city.

And so the day was all for me. An opportunity to do what I love to do.

The following set is all about the happy nature of Filipinos, in a study a year ago by Axa Asia Life and research company Taylor Nelson Sofres where the Philippines came second to India.

Happy people

Happy people Happy people Happy people Happy people Happy people