18th Annual Martino A. Abellana Painting Competition Winners Proclaimed

Amateur Painter

Another edition of the 18th Annual Martino A. Abellana On-the-Spot Painting Competition came to a close, adding another highlight to National Heritage Month celebrations in Cebu.

The annual painting competition attracted one hundred artists from various regions in the Visayas and Mindanao. The contest which was recently organized by the Carcar Heritage Conservation Society with the support from the City of Carcar proved to be the training ground for budding painters and the stage for the established artists to showcase their talent.

The year's challenge was to to come up with an artwork that truly depicts the grandeur of the ancestral homes of Carcar.

A select group of judges who are masters in their own field included the 2005 William F. Draper Grand Prize winner, Mr. Romulo "Molong" Galicano, Mr. Jose "Kimsoy" Yap, Jr., Fr. Domingo Besares, OSA and Mr. Bunny Pages.

A unanimous decision was made and the Grand Prize winner to a Carcaranon based in Cebu City. The entry is a watercolor painting of the Galicano ancestral house in Luan-luan.

Professional Category

1st Place (Grand Prize), Tony Alcoseba for Entry #7
2nd Place, Marlowe T. Villagonzalo for Entry # 48
3rd Place, Jun Impas for Entry #39


Edgar "Gary" Carabio for Entry # 56
Christopher Java for Entry #14
Fred Galan for Entry #51
Sofronio de la Cerna for Entry #12
Jose Mari Picornell for Entry # 33

Amateur Category

1st Place (Grand Prize), Walter Vestil for Entry #2
2nd Place, Kenny Abigail Badana for Entry #22
3rd Place, Rosauro J. Ugang for Entry #28


Jay Rommel Labra for Entry #37
Warlen Rodriguez for Entry #3
Darby Vicent Alcoseba for Entry #6
Randy Nocos for Entry #34
Gil F. Balbuena, Jr. for Entry #35

Ka Bino Professional Painter The Masters of Painting as Judges (Molong, Kimsoy & Fr. Doming) Winning Entry Professional Division

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