Funny Signs

Pinoy humor at its best. Sometimes we do get "lost in translation." Trying to get the message across can have amusing results.

Funny Signs
Both for the humans and goats to read. All entrances to this cemetery in Argao bear these very large signs.

Funny Signs
Whatever's being grilled here, the male specie should beware. I wonder what happened here in the past. Was there a man castrated and his testicles seared in open flame? Who knows.

Funny Signs
Oh yes we understand it completely... the first two lines but what does it have to do with the elections?

Funny Signs
Okay, sinners can start moving out now.


Get Lost Magazine

Get Lost Issue #22

I have been ecstatic the whole day today learning my photo of Lambug beach finally got published. It is now read at Quantas Club lounges and in many other locations in the land down under.

Get Lost! is an independent quarterly magazine based in Australia and is read far and wide, beyond Aussie borders, even reaching Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States and the Philippines.

Here's the original file I uploaded on flickr last year and made a blog about my adventure in Badian being a top beach destination in Cebu.

Back flip

Here's the accompanying text I submitted for the cover:

Desperate and so bored as I was that day, a beach bum like me does not hesitate. A trip to where the sun, sea and sand is like therapy to the wanting soul.

I left my car, and boarded the earliest bus to the south, some 97 kilometers from the bustling city of Cebu to the town of Badian, a place where the waters of its three-tiered crystal clear waterfalls kiss the warm waters of the sea.

The secluded beach of Lambug greets you with its powdery-white sand, turquoise waters, endless sun, lesser crowds, and friendly locals who would gamely pose to your camera’s delight!

The rugged old tire makes a springboard for this willing and enthusiastic lad as his friends and a few more cheer behind the camera.

As I wait for my copies to arrive by mail I anticipate another beach escapade.