Cebu's Top 12 Beach Destinations

Badian, Cebu

It is unusual for a Cebuano not to love the beach. Whether he admits it or not he always has subconscious desire that takes him to the beach or any kind of body of water for that matter. After all the island of Cebu is surrounded by water. And wherever you go in the island there is always one that is inviting you.

I always make it a point that after a long workweek to take a trip to seclusion where it's just me and the sea. Whether it be a bike to the nearby shore or to a day immersed in the crystalline waters of a hidden beach. It's therapy!

I have been to most of the places around the island and the surrounding islands of Cebu yet there are more things to see, more things to discover.

Here is my list of the best beach destinations of Cebu waiting for you. What I've written down are random and are based solely on the lasting impressions I have of these places. Accessibility is never a consideration and I travel always on a budget, so trust me, these are the places to be in if you are the spartan type of person.

1. Malapascua Island
2. Bantayan Island
3. Carnaza Island
4. Moalboal
5. Badian
6. Olango
7. Sumilon Island
8. San Remigio
9. Tabuelan
10. Santander
11. Alcoy
12. Camotes Island

Suwat Malapascua Lighthouse Sandagat 2008 Ella ella ella Carnaza Island Cove


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