Keeper of the Sinulog

Keeper of the Sinulog

We Cebuanos know by heart the "two-steps forward and the one-step backward" movement of the Sinulog. That it is the grand annual festival held every third Sunday of January. That it is celebrated in honor of the Santo Niño.

One person though treasures more the sound and the movement like how her father, Buenaventura Diola taught her as a child. Estelita Diola or better known as Nang Titang faithfully kept the Sinulog in its truest form. Her undying passion resonates, reaching the deepest emotions of those who hear the steady rhythm of her drum.

Now at 80 years she continues to pass on the veritable legacy to the new generation.

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Farl said...

She's a true keeper of the flame. And you really took your time to interview her!