Estero at Binondo

The busy streets of Binondo is such a delight. The sights and sounds are by far the most enticing to the senses. Every corner has a surprise for anyone who's willing that sometimes it is not for the faint of heart.

Food is one thing that's always in my priority list when visiting a place, and for Binondo, it's my never-ending love affair with the ever-so-yummy hopia from Eng Bee Tin. Without much forethought I decided to end my relationship with the bean filled pastry just this one time. I let myself drool at the smorgasbord display of all flavors of hopia as I walked past the store along Ongpin street. I never looked back.


A friend who acted as tour guide is no stranger to Binondo. In fact he almost is a resident to the place, knowing every corner to turn to and every place to be in.


He took us to a string of eateries on the side of a small river. Estero, as it is called, was one place I never imagined going. We all know how polluted Manila's rivers are, I am amazed that eateries here thrive and remains a hit amongst the locals.


Think any Chinese dish and they'll cook it for you carenderia style. Spicy frog legs was on everyones minds. We had it fried in batter.


I felt like I was Anthony Bourdain that day. Consuming exotic and daring ethnic dishes. An unmatched experience that I'm looking forward to do more.

No reservations!


r u s s said...

Is this the Php850 per head day-tour thing? Hi.Ü I'm bloghopping from Acey's.

Gibb said...

thanks for droppin' by. I just asked a Chinese friend to tour us around. Cheaper than the 850 plus you can go on detours pa. hehehehe!