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Western Highway Traveler

The first time I got to visit Iloilo and Guimaras Island was way back in 2008. I got enthralled with both places then, and had been itching to set foot again. Two years came by, after so many plans to go back, nothing materialized.

Early this morning I received a package from the publisher. The copies I have been eager to get hold of. Three glossy magazines the size of a notebook. I immediately skimmed to where my photos at, reminiscing the places I've been to as I flipped page after page.

I got to taste local cuisine, visit churches and cemeteries, got access to private museums, the usual tourist traps like malls, parks and beaches, met new friends, etc. In short, I had a blast!

Thanks to Bernie Arellano for showing me around.

Western Highway Traveler Western Highway Traveler Western Highway Traveler
Guimaras Mangoes Sakay Trompe-l'œil

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