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Argao Cemetery
A week before cemeteries, like this one in Argao, would be crammed. Graves would then have been cleaned and repainted. The living would stream with candle and flower offerings to the departed.
Argao Cemetery
For a large Catholic country like the Philippines, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day for that matter, is one of the most celebrated occasions of the year. Aside from the usual trip to the cemeteries to offer prayers and all, it is also a time to meet and catch up with relatives and friends who have come for the occasion.

Argao Cemetery

[Note: The photos above show what remains now of the colonial cemetery in Argao built in the 1900s. In the cemetery complex is a small lake. Behind the cemetery is a beach, the level of the water on the artificial lake varies throughout the day. When I visited the place the capilla was under repairs.]


Cindy Velasquez said...

mahadlok man ko sa imong mga pictures gibb. mora man og naay mga ungo diha. in short, nindot gyod pagkakuha sa mga litrato kay tinuod man kaayo. spooky kaayo! hala payter gyod kadlawon baya ron. sige.

kinsa nang naa sa imong likod gibb?

JOKE! hehe!

Gibb said...

akong bossing. hahahahaha!

Happy halloween!

Cindy Velasquez said...

sayang abi nako mumu (ayaw saba sa imong bossing!). secret ra nato!

sige na, nagtrabaho man diay ka ron. sa sunod nakong pagbisita. :)

good luck sa trabaho! happy halloween pud!

good night (bantay abaton nako!)

estan said...

maayo bitaw ni bai nga ila gi repair. ang ako lang jud gisayangan kay gipaguba sa pari ang entrance arch. all because his vehicle can't get through :(

Gibb said...

@estan, they changed the flooring.