At the last minute

The great mass exodus as what Estan in his blog described the large throng of people trooping at the last minute just to get home to their hometowns for the Kalag-kalag celebrations. It was totally expected, as this is just one of the three occasions where massive migration of people out of the city and into the provinces. (Holy Week, Kalag-kalag & the Christmas Holidays) The holiday fell on a weekend and as what most would have wanted there came no prior announcement of a free day last October 31.

Kalagkalag 2008

I decided to see for myself the phenomenon at the South Bus Terminal. Cebu being a small island, the only way to get around is by land transpo. And there is no other way to go down south but thru this hub.

Kalagkalag 2008

It was already 9 am and the place was unusually noisy and hot. A slight drizzle earlier in the morning made the dust settle down but as soon as the sun took its place clouds and clouds of dust started to spread out. The main building is undergoing renovation and there is no space to move around. There was just this unimaginable long line of people meandering through each corner of the building. And as each bus arrived people started pushing themselves inside the narrow bus entrances, unmindful of the kind torture they are in.

Kalagkalag 2008

I did not want to experience this kind of agony. I took the unpopular route instead.

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estan said...

i was tempted to visit the south terminal pero wa jud nadayon. i opted instead to go to sto. nino :)