Business as usual

While many are enjoying the comforts of airconditioned malls in the city. Cemeteries are also getting their fair share of the consumer traffic. It is business as usual even on the last day of the Kalag-kalag celebrations. Enterprising people young and old are taking advantage of this once-a-year occasion.

Nobena ug uban pa

Just in case you forgot your prayers, everything is available here. Amulets, herbs, various concoctions, love potions or what have you, these are popular among visitors.


Candles are the most sought-after commodity. This young boy tends to their makeshift store near the entrace at the public cemetery in Minglanilla town.


This young woman takes an early lunch amidst the hustle and bustle of the narrow street leading to the cemetery. A much needed break indeed. Most vendors have been here a day before Kalag-kalag. Flowers grown from nearby towns are the cheaper alternative and will get more cheaper once the festivities are nearly ending.


Masses are held by the hour. The church has the monopoly of this business. Aside from the pamisa, they also exercise control over the lighting of tombs charging a hefty amount for only two days of use.

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