Food tripping Iloilo: La Paz Batchoy, Molo Bibingka & Talaba

La Paz Batchoy
Deco's Batchoy. Satisfying comfort food. Match this with prewar pandesal and Coke Zero for a complete meal. 55 pesos for the supersize of steaming broth on noodle and topped with chopped meat and entrails, chicharon, toasted garlic and spring onions.

Molo Bingka
Unlike the usual bibinka that we are used to. Thin and young coconut strips make it soft in the inside. Sold warm within the Molo church grounds at 20 pesos a pack.

Iloilo Talaba
I thought I'd never eat talaba again but this one made my mouth salivate. Dipped in hot water to open the shells. Order hot rice and spicy calamansi-soy mixture and you're good to go. Safe and clean but most of all so cheap at 30 pesos per bowl.


acey said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! only in the philippines!

estan said...

hastang kalami! i should try these out when i get back to iloilo.

bai, gi add pud tika sa ako langyaw.com