National Heritage Month

USC Museum

A vast collection of artifacts ranging from Spanish Colonial heritage to various species of Philippine animals and insects is housed in the University of San Carlos Museum.

The most notable display is the Manunggul jar which dates back to the late Neolithic Period. Other burial urns and covers are also on display at the Archaeological Gallery.

May was declared by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2003 as the National Heritage Month. Various activities are already lined up in conjunction with this annual celebration. The Gabii sa Kabilin on May 30 is one of the highlights of the celebration in Cebu. One ticket will allow a visitor entrance to four museums namely: the Casa Gorordo, Cathedral Museum, Santo NiƱo Museum and Fort San Pedro – National Museum. All four musems open 'til midnight on that day.


Jocelyn said...

The 2008 Gabii sa Kabilin will be on the 30th of May, a Friday. Tickets at Php 100.00 for all the museums, Tartanilla tickets to cover all rides within the route is at Php 50.00

Hope to see you all and in period clothes if one wishes....

acey said...

nice work!